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The CZ223 is the latest professional chain grinder from T&S. This grinder sharpens square chisel chain, which is the fastest cutting chainsaw chain made today. The CZ223 is designed from the ground up to set a new standard in sharpening square chisel chain. The CZ223 uses a standard 8” x 1” x 3/16” grinding wheel, and is shaped with 2 diamond dressers. Each diamond dresser utilizes a guide to document the angles used to shape the wheel, and allows for quick adjustment for different cutting conditions. The CZ223 is precision CNC machined to ensure accurate and repeatable grinds. Movement is enabled with precision linear rods and bearings, that are fully replaceable. This precision movement ensures that left and right cutters are ground the same, without forcing the machine into position. The chain tooth is held in place with a hand actuated clamp and adjustable pawl. To ensure repeatability, each axis has an adjustable stop. The CZ223 uses 120 VAC power, and features a ½ HP DC reversible motor. Adjustable speed control allows for slowing the wheel RPM’s to lower the chance of burning, or increasing the speed to compensate for stone wear. Rakers can also be ground without removing the chain. Each CZ223 is supplied with a white 8” x 1” x 3/16” grinding stone, wrench, manual, vacuum port adapter, and collapsible steel stand. Made in the USA and sold exclusively at Bailey's.

CZ223 Square Chisel Chain Grinder

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