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Foseco Coveral 100 Flux - This Flux Is For Aluminum Only!


Flux will help to clean your aluminum of contamination and other impurities.  This flux can be used very sparingly.  Foseco Coveral 100 is a professional grade flux for casting.  Add a little to the start of your melt, and it will help remove impurities and form a layer on top of the molten metal to help reduce porosity.  Or wrap a small amount in a piece of aluminum foil and push to the bottom of your crucible.  This flux will help to remove impurities and contaminants and make them rise to the top as dross or slag. We use this flux in our own aluminum casting.  This bag will last a very long time for most hobby foundry work. 

FLUX Application Rates: "The exact quantity of flux required will depend on a variety of operating conditions such as initial metal cleanliness (e.g., ingot or scrap charge), amount of dross present, and metal temperature. Hence, the application rates listed below may need to be adjusted to your operation.  For cleaning applications in crucible furnaces, add COVERAL 100 flux to the top of a molten heel and charge aluminum scrap and ingot through the flux cover until the furnace is full.  The recommended application rate ranges from a minimum of 0.10% (0.10 lbs. of COVERAL 100 flux per 100 lbs. of melt) of the total weight of metal to be charged for clean melts to 0.25-0.50% of the total weight of metal to be charged (0.25-0.50 lbs. of COVERAL100 flux per 100 lbs. of melt) for high-dross and high-inclusion melts.  With melting completed, a second, drossing application of COVERAL 100 flux should be done to recover metallic aluminum trapped in the resulting dross layer. This addition, at 0.10-0.50% by total weight of metal depending upon the amount of dross, should be spread on the dross surface and raked in to ensure thorough mixing and a complete exothermic reaction.  The resulting low-metallic, dry dross should then be removed with a slotted or perforated spoon. This procedure permits droplets of recovered metal to coalesce and flow back into the bath."

Foseco Coveral 100 Flux

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