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Misty Forest

T & S Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company.
We are based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and established in 2018.

T&S Manufacturing Logo
We manufacture the CS118 chain grinder for sharpening round profile cutting chain primarily used in mechanical harvesters and processors, and the CZ223 square or chisel chain sharpener for the professional forestry market. We also manufacture products used in the cleaning industry and offer product design and CNC machining services.  Though T&S officially started in 2018, our roots are in logging and extend back to the 1970’s.
Darrell Terrell of T&S Manufacturing, Oregon

In the 1970’s Darrell and Sheri Terrell moved from Oregon to Montana, to pursue work in the logging industry.  They went on to have 3 sons, Matt, Andy, and Cole.  Darrell worked in the logging industry for the next 30 years.  During this time, he worked with his brother Adrian, operated several small sawmills, and even a yarding operation.  Some of the lumber was used in the mining industry, and even used in restoring the historic town of Virginia City, MT.


In the 1980’s, Terrell and Sons Logging was established.  T&S is derived from that name.


In the late 80’s the family moved to Southern Oregon.  Darrell continued to work as a faller throughout Oregon, and Northern California.  Eventually Darrell left logging and began working in construction and excavating, until his “retirement”. 

Terrell & Sons Logging Patch Logo
Marking and Engraving Machine at T&S Manufacturing

Darrell and Sheri’s oldest son, Matt, took an interest in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and moved to Arizona for college.  He started a career in drafting, product design, and manufacturing, using AutoCAD and SolidWorks.  During Matt’s time in Arizona, he got married, and worked mainly in the swimming pool industry.  This opened up opportunities to learn about plastic injection molding, and machining, even earning a patent as a co-inventor.  He started his first business by purchasing an Epilog CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine, which is still in use with T&S.

Matt and his wife, Kerri, eventually moved to Klamath Falls, OR.  For about 5 years, Matt worked at a mill producing siding and particleboard, and even designed a new style of siding.  Following this, he moved on to work for a manufacturing company in the cleaning industry.  For the next 10 years, this required designing many parts and products using stainless steel sheet metal, titanium, and aluminum.  Most products involved laser cutting, bending, stamping, welding, and machining.  In addition, Matt began to work more with CAM software, (Computer Aided Machining), programming CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mills, lasers, and lathes.

Around 2015 a close family friend Bob Smith began to encourage Darrell and Matt to build a ¾ pitch chain grinder.  At the time, there was no one building a dedicated chain sharpener for the large chain used by tree harvesters, mills, and processors.  Slowly, a design for a new grinder came into existence.  Darrell and Matt purchased their first CNC mill to begin production in 2017.  To help the process, and minimize cost, an aluminum foundry was built to sand cast their own parts.  Powder coating was added, and eventually a CNC lathe, 3D printing, and other capabilities.

As of 2024, T&S is ready to launch the new CZ223 square chain grinder, and several other new items.

We’ve been in the shoes of hardworking men and women, and understand how important good customer service is, along with reliable machinery.  The Terrell family is dedicated to making high quality, durable products and going the extra mile for our customers.
Forest in Oregon
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